Now you can buy agricultural products wholesale without worrying about the quality of the goods

Dalatek is a platform that brings together all players in Uzbekistan agricultural sales chain

The problem of the wholesaler

  • They have to work through intermediaries.
  • If even farmers approach intermediaries, they do not have any documentation to sell.
  • Most suppliers ask to work with cash, which leads to problems with the taxes.
  • Unstable quality of suppliers' goods.

How we solve these Problems

  • We will provide a selected and verified list of people who can prepare quality goods with the necessary documentation, thus solving all four problems of the wholesale buyer at once.

Registration Instructions

Download the app from App store or Play store

To enjoy the services provided by Dalatek, simply download the app on your mobile phone via Play store or app store and install. Following installation, explore the Dalatek app directly from the onboarding/welcome screens for a quick view of the platform. You will be required to sign up/create an account instantly by providing your name, mobile number & email and submit to perform activities on the platform. You will receive a code(OTP) via SMS and Email Input the OTP (one-time password) sent via and email you provided to complete the account creation process. The creation of an account gives you full access to the platform and you may proceed to complete your profile. Explore and enjoy wide access to your dream jobs from the comfort of your home and other benefits of being a registered user.

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The Product Chain

product chain

Why Dalatek?

Mobile App

We have an easy-to-use mobile app that allows the user to find a job, sell a product, make a purchase and expand their knowledge.


Platform interaction in every step of the process of preparing products for export, from harvesting to sending to the final consumer

Selection of Farmers

Our team is now working on building a database of trusted farmers with whom you can collaborate in the long-term perspective

Technologist Training

Our team is interested in increasing the number of qualified quality control specialists to complete deals successfully.

Professionals in their Fields

Our founders have over six years of experience in the export of agricultural products and the IT industry

product chain